Rotary Screen Drive Sampling Machine:
A new player in the game

Brochure 12 Color Machine

Technical Features

Multi Repeat Can use each repeat sizes 640...1010 without additional accessories.
Printhead Control Panel 5.7inch Baumuller multi touch HMI
Repeating Adjustments
(Length, Width, Angular, Height)
Touch screen panel
Pneumatics and totally electronically controlled
Printing Width Might be produced in the range from 1850mm to 3200mm by request
Number of Printheads Might be produced in the range from 1 to 3 by request
Printhing Method Magnetic Squeegee (Optional: Blade Squeegee for 640mm only)
Screen Drive Type Independent motors at each printheads.
One or both sided screen drive according to printing width
Printheads Closed bearing system. Easily un/mountable for cleaning
Blanket Cleaning 1 variable speed brush with 3 rubber squeegees
Operating Side Left or right
Servo Motors, Drives and Automation Leading automation devices producer Baumuller from Germany
Planetary Gearbox used in Printheads Planetary, Neugart from Germany
Dryer Above the blanket, jet nozzle dryer

Printing System

Possesses the same printing system features as DavuD - 12 color rotary printing machine.

Guiding system keeps the blanket well positioned, so the fabric is kept aligned.

Linear magnetic system for high printing quality.

Printing Heads

Multi repeat printing heads.

No need to use any extra tools to achieve required repeat (from 640 to 1018 mm repeat size).

Totally sealed and long-life lubricated and closed bearing printing heads.

Easy and simple machine operation with a touch screen HMI.


Impingement jet nozzle dryer.

Screen Drive

One or both sided screen drive with BAUMÜLLER servo motor and NEUGART high precision planetary gear box.

High precision printing at any speed up to 30 m/min.

Digital synchronization between screen and blanket drive for high printing accuracy.

Easy to disassemble each printing head from its unit, reducing maintenance job.

Blanket Washing Device

One brush and three rubber squeegees clean perfectly the blanket.

Totally pneumatic and electronically controlled positioning on work, standby, maintenance modes.